Things are getting started

Allan has spent a lot of time at the plot over the last few weeks and has done so much. The big deep bed area is now completely dug over and he's starting to rotovate too He's even started to put some of the early potato pots on there too He's planted lots of potatoes … Continue reading Things are getting started


Sunshine and sweat

Nice huh... So finally the sun is shining and after a week away in the Lake District (amazing, beautiful, relaxing and very much needed), we're back home enjoying the sunshine here on the allotment We have a lot to do. Like, a lot. Allan is busy getting the rest of the potatoes in their pots … Continue reading Sunshine and sweat

April 2017: Spring has finally sprung…

... and things have shifted along nicely on the plot. So much so, we're nearly up to date (insert shocked face here!!) Allan has worked so hard to get everything dug over (with a small bit of help from me) and has started rotovating over the far side so that we can get the potato pots … Continue reading April 2017: Spring has finally sprung…